February 14, 2016

HP EliteBook 2560p LJ458UT

The HP EliteBook 2560p is HP’s entry into the ultraportable category. Offering power, good battery life, and advanced security features, this is a worthy attempt by one of the industry’s best known and most reliable brands.

Key Specs For The HP EliteBook 2560p LJ458UT

* RRP: $1099.00

* Operating System: Windows 7 Professional

* Size: 16.5” x 13.3” x 1.2”

* Weight: 6.4lbs

* Display size: 12.5”

* Storage: 320GB HDD

* Processor: Intel Core i5 2.3GHz


* Battery life: 8.5 hours

HP EliteBook 2560p LJ458UT: The Pros

Power: Users looking for portability don’t usually expect to get as much power out of their device as a conventional laptop. However, the HP EliteBook manages to pack lots of power into a very compact size. With a 2.3 GHz dual core Intel i5 processor and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, the EliteBook is very capable, and outperforms many of its rivals, especially at its price.

Price: At $1099.00 the HP EliteBook is about middle of the ultraportables price range, yet for its power the price is very good. Most of its competitors lack on either battery life or processing power by comparison, meaning that it can do more for longer than many similarly priced products.

Reliability: A portable device is likely to have its durability and reliability tested as it’s taken out and about. Thankfully, HP are well known for their reliable products and good customer support. These are important factors to consider when purchasing a product that is at increased risk of damage.

Fingerprint Reader: Ultraportable devices are frequently used in public places, whether they be offices or bars and cafes. This can make security a real issue, particularly when the contents of the device may be of a sensitive nature. The EliteBook stands out for its security, with a digital fingerprint reader ensuring that only the devices owner is able to log in and access the information stored on the device. This reduces the potential harm done should the device be stolen or otherwise compromised.

Battery Life: All ultraportable devices need long lasting batteries. If you want to use your machine on long-haul flights overseas, or when you’ll be out on the road all day without a power source, then it’ll be essential to have a laptop that can keep on going. The HP EliteBook has one of the best batteries in the ultraportable laptop field, allowing for up to 8.5 hours of usage. This means you won’t have to worry about battery shortages interrupting you for the whole working day.

HP EliteBook 2560p LJ458UT: The Cons

Size: For portability, size is important. An ultraportable laptop needs to be small. Standard laptops are just too large to carry around on long journeys. Unfortunately, the HP EliteBook doesn’t match its competitors for compact design. This is one of the larger ultraportable laptops on the market. At this size you’d expect to have a DVD-Rom drive included, but the HP EliteBook doesn’t manage to fit one in. Worse still, the screen size isn’t any larger than other products in the ultraportable category. It’s a mystery exactly why all that extra bulk is needed.

Weight: For a product to be truly portable, weight is almost as important as size. Most ultraportables are little more than 4 lbs., with a few exceptions. However, the HP EliteBook is 6.3 lbs., making it almost as heavy as the Alienware M14X gaming machine without any of the extra power that the latter offers. This is a real drawback for the EliteBook.

Storage: Many ultraportable devices have taken to using SSD storage options. What these devices lack in capacity they make up for in speed and durability. SSD storage allows for speedy access to data and quicker programme start up, and also means that there’s less risk of damaging your hard drive whilst on the move. Unfortunately the HP EliteBook only offers HDD storage, which is at some risk of damage when the product is moved while the hard drive is in use. Moreover, the storage is only 320 GB which, whilst more than most of the SSD alternatives, is less than competing products which also opt for an HDD storage device.

Is The HP EliteBook 2560p LJ458UT Worth Buying?

The HP EliteBook has some advantages, including price in relation to performance. However, its portability is greatly reduced when compared to competing products, ranking it at the bottom of its category in these terms. On the plus side, it does have greater security, which is a valuable addition to a portable product which may be at risk of theft when used in public spaces, and its battery life is one of the best on any ultraportable laptop. Over all, this is a solid product, hampered in its category by its reduced portability.

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